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Blog Posts

If you have a cool project or an insightful perspective you'd like to share, we love to amplify the work of our users. We can tweet about your blog post or host a post on our own blog. Please reach out at [email protected]

Product Feedback

File an issue in our open source GitHub repo: github.com/wandb/client. We love feedback, and we try hard to implement what users are asking for.

Thank You

We're so grateful to our users who have helped us improve the product and spread the word about Weights & Biases.




Amir Abdi

UBC, Canada

Disentanglement Challenge - the 3rd place repo 1st stage of the Disentanglement challenge of NeurIPS 2019

Sergey Kolesnikov

Moscow, Russia

Catalyst - a high-level PyTorch API for DL & RL research

Sayak Paul

Kolkata, India

Generating Categories from ArXiv Paper Titles - a TensorFlow project

Josh Tobin

San Francisco, California

FSDL - a hands on course to bridge the gap from training machine learning models to deploying AI systems in the real world (We highly recommend!)

Whitman Bohorquez


DeepBay - plug-n-play deep learning models

Boris Dayma

Houston, Texas

CycleGAN - using deep learning to turn horses into zebras

Séb Arnold

USC, California

Cherry - an RL framework built on top of PyTorch

Ryan Lee

Princeton, New Jersey

End to End - a blog for machine learning projects

Róbert Csordás

IDSA, Switzerland

W&B Profile - a published paper to come soon! :)

Peter Welinder

San Francisco

OpenAI robotics team