Kubeflow Integration

Using certain features require additional dependencies. Install all Kubeflow dependencies by running pip install wandb[kubeflow].

Training Jobs

Currently W&B automatically reads the TF_CONFIG environment variable to group distributed runs.


The wandb library integrates with arena by automatically adding credentials to container environments. If you want to use the wandb wrapper locally, add the following to your .bashrc

alias arena="python -m wandb.kubeflow.arena"

If you don't have arena installed locally, the above command will use the wandb/arena docker image and attempt to mount your kubectl configs.


wandb provides an arena_launcher_op that can be used in pipelines.

If you want to build your own custom launcher op, you can also use this code to add pipeline_metadata. For wandb to authenticate you should add the WANDB_API_KEY to the operation, then your launcher can add the same environment variable to the training container.

import os
from kubernetes import client as k8s_client
op = dsl.ContainerOp( ... )