Launch Agents and Queues

Beta product in active development

Interested in Launch? Reach out to your account team to talk about joining the customer pilot program for W&B Launch.
Pilot customers need to use AWS EKS or SageMaker to qualify for the beta program. We ultimately plan to support additional platforms.

Launch queues

Runs can be pushed to launch queues to be run by an agent. Each project has one default queue that cannot be deleted, and you can create more queues within a project by clicking the Create queue button on the launch queues page for a project.
Within a queue, runs are executed in sequential order. Runs can be queued via the wandb CLI or from the web UI, and runs can be deleted from the launch queues page.

Launch agents

Agents are processes that poll launch queues and execute the jobs (or dispatch them to external services to be executed) in order. Agents typically execute runs asynchronously, so a single run shouldn't block the agent's poll-execution loop. Each agent can listen to multiple launch queues.
For details on how to run a launch agent locally, see the wandb launch-agent CLI reference.

Deployable agents

The launch agent can be deployed to Kubernetes using the provided deployment files found here. Provide your API key, target project and maximum number of concurrent jobs in the launch configuration file. Check the launch-agent.yaml file for the name of the container that will be deployed.