Local FAQ
Frequently asked questions about setting up locally-hosted versions of our app
How can I switch back to the cloud after using local? To restore a machine to reporting metrics to our cloud hosted solution, run wandb login --cloud.
Does my server need a connection to the internet? No internet connection needed. W&B Local can run in air gapped environments. The only requirement is that the machines that train your models on can connect to the server hosting your W&B instance, so that data can be sync'd to your self-hosted dashboard.
Where is my data stored? The default docker image runs MySQL and Minio inside of the container and writes all data in sub folders of /vol . You can configure external MySQL and Object Storage by getting a license. Email [email protected] for more details.
Can I run a wandb server in my own datacenter? Yes, but you are responsible for running your own MySQL 5.7 database and Object Store as described in Production Setup. We strongly recommend running our server within a cloud vendor as the operational expertise and resources needed to operate a scalable MySQL 5.7 database and Object Store is non-trivial.
How often do you release upgrades? We strive to release upgraded versions of our server at least once a month.
What happens if my server goes down? Experiments that are in progress will enter a backoff retry loop and continue attempting to connect to your local instance for 24 hours to sync the data.
What happens if I run out of storage? Make sure you configure external metadata and object stores to avoid risking permanent data loss. There are no backups of the database if the disk runs out of space. The instance will stop working.
What are the scaling characteristics of this service? A single instance of wandb/local without an external MySQL store will scale to up to 10's concurrent experiments being tracked at once. Instances connected to an external MySQL store will scale to 100's of concurrent runs. If you have a need for tracking more concurrent experiments send us a note at [email protected] to inquire about our multi instance high availability installation options.
How do I do a factory reset if I can't access my instance? If you're unable to connect to your instance you can put it in restore mode by setting the LOCAL_RESTORE environment variable when you start local. If you're starting wandb local using our cli you can do so with wandb local -e LOCAL_RESTORE=true Look at the logs printed on startup for a temporary username / password to access the instance.
Does a wandb server need read or write access to the S3 bucket? Yes to both. The wandb server needs to be able to read from the bucket in order to generate signed URLs for use by clients, and it needs to have write access in order to update file metadata. Because the server generates temporary signed URLs for use by clients, there’s no need to make the s3 bucket public or explicitly grant permissions to any end-users.
Can I use environment variables to store my token? You can set WANDB_API_KEY and WANDB_BASE_URL environment variables.
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