Weights & Biases

Machine learning experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and model evaluation

Weights & Biases is the machine learning platform for developers to build better models faster. Use W&B's lightweight, interoperable tools to quickly track experiments, version and iterate on datasets, evaluate model performance, reproduce models, visualize results and spot regressions, and share findings with colleagues.

Set up W&B in 5 minutes, then quickly iterate on your machine learning pipeline with the confidence that your datasets and models are tracked and versioned in a reliable system of record.


  1. Experiment Tracking: Visualize experiments in real time

  2. Integrations: PyTorch, Keras, Hugging Face, and more

  3. Hyperparameter Tuning: Optimize models quickly

  4. Data + Model Versioning: Version datasets and models

  5. Data Visualization: Visualize predictions across model versions

  6. Collaborative Reports: Describe and share findings

  7. Self-Hosting: Private cloud and local hosting of the W&B app