Local Controller

Run search and stopping algorithms locally, instead of using our cloud-hosted service

By default the hyper-parameter controller is hosted by W&B as a cloud service. W&B agents communicate with the controller to determine the next set of parameters to use for training. The controller is also responsible for running early stopping algorithms to determine which runs can be stopped.

The local controller feature allows the user to run search and stopping algorithms locally. The local controller gives the user the ability to inspect and instrument the code in order to debug issues as well as develop new features which can be incorporated into the cloud service.

The local controller is currently limited to running a single agent.

Local controller configuration

To enable the local controller, add the following to the sweep configuration file:

type: local

Running the local controller

The following command will launch a sweep controller:

wandb controller SWEEP_ID

Alternatively you can launch a controller when you initialize the sweep:

wandb sweep --controller sweep.yaml