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View launch jobs

The following page describes how to view information about launch jobs added to queues.

View jobsโ€‹

View jobs added to a queue with the W&B App.

  1. Navigate to the W&B App at
  2. Select Launch within the Applications section of the left sidebar.
  3. Select the All entities dropdown and select the entity the launch job belongs to.
  4. Expand the collapsible UI from the Launch Application page to view a list of jobs added to that specific queue.

A run is created when the launch agent executes a launch job. In other words, each run listed corresponds to a specific job that was added to that queue.

For example, the following image shows two runs that were created from a job called job-source-launch_demo-canonical. The job was added to a queue called Start queue. The first run listed in the queue called resilient-snowball and the second run listed is called earthy-energy-165.

Within the W&B App UI you can find additional information about runs created from launch jobs such as the:

  • Run: The name of the W&B run assigned to that job.
  • Job ID: The name of the job.
  • Project: The name of the project the run belongs to.
  • Status: The status of the queued run.
  • Author: The W&B entity that created the run.
  • Creation date: The timestamp when the queue was created.
  • Start time: The timestamp when the job started.
  • Duration: Time, in seconds, it took to complete the jobโ€™s run.

List jobsโ€‹

View a list of jobs that exist within a project with the W&B CLI. Use the W&B job list command and provide the name of the project and entity the launch job belongs to the --project and --entity flags, respectively.

 wandb job list --entity your-entity --project project-name

Check the status of a jobโ€‹

The following table defines the status a queued run can have:

IdleThe run is in a queue with no active agents.
QueuedThe run is in a queue waiting for an agent to process it.
PendingThe run has been picked up by an agent but has not yet started. This could be due to resources being unavailable on the cluster.
RunningThe run is currently executing.
KilledThe job was killed by the user.
CrashedThe run stopped sending data or did not successfully start.
FailedThe run ended with a non-zero exit code or the run failed to start.
FinishedThe job completed successfully.
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