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This guide will walk you through how to setup the fundamental components of W&B launch: launch jobs, launch queues, and launch agents. By the end of this walkthrough, you will:

  1. Create a launch job that trains a neural network.
  2. Create a launch queue that is used to submit jobs for execution on your local machine.
  3. Create a launch agent that polls the queue and starts your launch job with Docker.

The walkthrough outlined on this page is designed to run on your local machine with Docker.

Before you get started

Before you get started, ensure you have satisfied the following prerequisites:

  1. Install W&B Python SDK version 0.14.0 or higher:
    pip install wandb>=0.14.0
  2. Sign up for a free account at and then log in to your W&B account.
  3. Install Docker. See the Docker documentation for more information on how to install Docker. Make sure the docker daemon is running on your machine.

Create a launch job

Launch jobs are the basic unit of work in W&B launch. The following code creates a launch job from a W&B run using the W&B Python SDK.

  1. Copy the following Python code to a file named Save the file on your local machine. Replace <your entity> with your W&B entity.
    import wandb

    config = {"epochs": 10}

    entity = "<your entity>"
    project = "launch-quickstart"
    job_name = "walkthrough_example"

    settings = wandb.Settings(job_name=job_name)

    with wandb.init(
    entity=entity, config=config, project=project, settings=settings
    ) as run:
    config = wandb.config
    for epoch in range(1, config.epochs):
    loss = config.epochs / epoch
    accuracy = (1 + (epoch / config.epochs)) / 2
    wandb.log({"loss": loss, "accuracy": accuracy, "epoch": epoch})
  2. Execute the Python script and let the script run until it completes:


This will create a launch job. In the above example, the launch job was created in a launch-quickstart project.

Next, we will add the newly created launch job to a launch queue.


There are numerous ways to create a launch job. See the Create a launch job page to learn more about the different ways you can create a launch job,.

Add your launch job to a queue

Once you have created a launch job, add that job to a launch queue. The following steps describe how to create a basic launch queue that will use a Docker container as its target resource:

  1. Navigate to your W&B project.
  2. Select the Jobs tab on the left panel (thunderbolt icon).
  3. Hover your mouse next the name of the job you created and select the Launch button.
  4. A drawer will slide from the right side of your screen. Select the following:
    1. Job version: the version of the job to launch. Since we only have one version, select the default @latest version.
    2. Overrides: new values for the launch job's inputs. Our run had one value in the wandb.config: epochs. We can override this value within the overrides field. For this walkthrough, leave the number of epochs as is.
    3. Queue: the queue to launch the run on. From the dropdown, select Create a 'Starter' queue.

5. Once you have configured your job, click the Launch now button at the bottom of the drawer to enqueue your launch job.


The contents of your launch queue configuration will vary depending on the queue's target resource.

Start a launch agent

To execute a launch job you will need a launch agent to poll the launch queue the job was added to. Follow these steps to create and start a launch agent:

  1. From navigate to the page for your launch queue.
  2. Click the Add agent button.
  3. A modal will appear with a W&B CLI command. Copy this and paste this command into your terminal.

In general, the command to start a launch agent is:

wandb launch-agent -e <entity-name> -q <queue-name>

Within your terminal, you will see the agent begin to poll for queues. Wait a few seconds to a minute and you will see your agent execute the launch job you added to it.


Launch agents can poll for queues in non-local environments such as a Kubernetes cluster.

View your launch job

Navigate to your new launch-quickstart project in your W&B account and open the jobs tab from the navigation on the left side of the screen.

The Jobs page displays a list of W&B Jobs that were created from previously executed runs. You should see a job named Click on your launch job to view source code dependencies and a list of runs that were created by the launch job.


You can edit the name of the job from the jobs page if you would like to make the job a bit more memorable.

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