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Add, delete, manage email types and primary email addresses in your Weights & Biases Profile Settings page.

Manage Emailsโ€‹

Manage emails from the Settings page. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner of the Weights & Biases dashboard. From the dropdown, select Settings. Within the Settings page, scroll down to to the Emails dashboard:

Primary emailโ€‹

The primary email is marked with a ๐Ÿ˜Ž emoji. The primary email is automatically defined with the email you provided when you created a Weights & Biases account.

Select the kebab dropdown to change the primary email associated with your Weights And Biases account:


Only verified emails can be set as primary

Add Emailsโ€‹

Select + Add Email to add an email. This will take you to an Auth0 page. You can enter in the credentials for the new email or connect using single sign-on (SSO).

Delete Emailsโ€‹

Select the kebab dropdown and choose Delete Emails to delete an email that is registered to your Weights & Biases account


Primary emails cannot be deleted; you need to set a different email as a primary email before deleting

Email Typesโ€‹

There are three email types:

  • Corporate - an email associated with a company, usually in the company's domain
  • Academic - an email associated with an academic institution
  • Personal - an email that does not fall under Corporate or Academic

Email Types are automatically detected when you add a new email. You can optionally manually set the email type. Use the kebab dropdown to manually set the email type.

If the email type is not validated a dispute modal will appear and ask you to contact support. Email validation can fail, for example, if you attempt to set an academic or personal email to a corporate email type.

Login methodsโ€‹

The Login Methods column displays the login methods that are associated with your account.

A verification email is sent to your email account when you create a Weights & Biases account. Your email account is considered unverified until you verify your email address. Unverified emails are displayed in red.

Attempt to log in with your email address again to retrieve a second verification email if you no longer have the original verification email that was sent to your email account.

Contact for account login issues.

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