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Building LLM apps? Try Weave


Evaluating the performance of Large Language Models (LLMs) can be difficult. Use W&B Prompts and LLM Monitoring to streamline the evaluation process, providing a visual way to analyze your generative models.


W&B Prompts is a suite of LLMOps tools built for the development of LLM-powered applications. Use W&B Prompts to visualize and inspect the execution flow of your LLMs, analyze the inputs and outputs of your LLMs, view the intermediate results and securely store and manage your prompts and LLM chain configurations.

W&B Prompts provides several solutions for building and monitoring LLM-based apps. Software developers, prompt engineers, ML practitioners, data scientists, and other stakeholders working with LLMs need cutting-edge tools to:

  • Explore and debug LLM chains and prompts with greater granularity.
  • Monitor and observe LLMs to better understand and evaluate performance, usage, and budgets.


W&B also has lightweight integrations for:

Next Steps

  • Check out more detailed documentation on Prompts.
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