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Command Line Interface




--versionShow the version and exit.


agentRun the W&B agent
artifactCommands for interacting with artifacts
betaBeta versions of wandb CLI commands.
controllerRun the W&B local sweep controller
disabledDisable W&B.
dockerRun your code in a docker container.
docker-runWrap docker run and adds WANDB_API_KEY and WANDB_DOCKER...
enabledEnable W&B.
initConfigure a directory with Weights & Biases
jobCommands for managing and viewing W&B jobs
launchLaunch or queue a W&B Job.
launch-agentRun a W&B launch agent.
launch-sweepRun a W&B launch sweep (Experimental).
loginLogin to Weights & Biases
offlineDisable W&B sync
onlineEnable W&B sync
pullPull files from Weights & Biases
restoreRestore code, config and docker state for a run
schedulerRun a W&B launch sweep scheduler (Experimental)
serverCommands for operating a local W&B server
statusShow configuration settings
sweepInitialize a hyperparameter sweep.
syncUpload an offline training directory to W&B
verifyVerify your local instance
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