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wandb docker




Run your code in a docker container.

W&B docker lets you run your code in a docker image ensuring wandb is configured. It adds the WANDB_DOCKER and WANDB_API_KEY environment variables to your container and mounts the current directory in /app by default. You can pass additional args which will be added to docker run before the image name is declared, we'll choose a default image for you if one isn't passed:

images-public/tensorflow-1.12.0-notebook-cpu:v0.4.0 --jupyter wandb docker
wandb/deepo:keras-gpu --no-tty --cmd "python --epochs=5" ```

By default, we override the entrypoint to check for the existence of wandb
and install it if not present. If you pass the --jupyter flag we will
ensure jupyter is installed and start jupyter lab on port 8888. If we
detect nvidia-docker on your system we will use the nvidia runtime. If you
just want wandb to set environment variable to an existing docker run
command, see the wandb docker-run command.


| **Option** | **Description** |
| :--- | :--- |
| --nvidia / --no-nvidia | Use the nvidia runtime, defaults to nvidia if nvidia-docker is present |
| --digest | Output the image digest and exit |
| --jupyter / --no-jupyter | Run jupyter lab in the container |
| --dir | Which directory to mount the code in the container |
| --no-dir | Don't mount the current directory |
| --shell | The shell to start the container with |
| --port | The host port to bind jupyter on |
| --cmd | The command to run in the container |
| --no-tty | Run the command without a tty |
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