wandb docker

W&B docker lets you run your code in a docker image ensuring wandb is configured. It adds the WANDB_DOCKER and WANDB_API_KEY environment variables to your container and mounts the current directory in /app by default. You can pass additional args which will be added to docker run before the image name is declared, we'll choose a default image for you if one isn't passed:
wandb docker -v /mnt/dataset:/app/data wandb docker public/tensorflow-1.12.0-notebook-cpu:v0.4.0 --jupyter wandb docker wandb/deepo:keras-gpu --no-tty --cmd "python --epochs=5"
By default, we override the entrypoint to check for the existence of wandb and install it if not present. If you pass the --jupyter flag we will ensure jupyter is installed and start jupyter lab on port 8888. If we detect nvidia-docker on your system we will use the nvidia runtime. If you just want wandb to set environment variable to an existing docker run command, see the wandb docker-run command.
--nvidia / --no-nvidia
Use the nvidia runtime, defaults to nvidia if nvidia-docker is present
Output the image digest and exit
--jupyter / --no-jupyter
Run jupyter lab in the container
Which directory to mount the code in the container
Don't mount the current directory
The shell to start the container with
The host port to bind jupyter on
The command to run in the container
Run the command without a tty
Show this message and exit.