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wandb job create


wandb job create [OPTIONS] {git|code|image} PATH


Create a job from a source, without a wandb run.

Jobs can be of three types, git, code, or image.

git: A git source, with an entrypoint either in the path or provided explicitly pointing to the main python executable. code: A code path, containing a requirements.txt file. image: A docker image.


-p, --projectThe project you want to list jobs from.
-e, --entityThe entity the jobs belong to
-n, --nameName for the job
-d, --descriptionDescription for the job
-a, --aliasAlias for the job
--entry-pointCodepath to the main script, required for repo jobs
-g, --git-hashHash to a specific git commit.
-r, --runtimePython runtime to execute the job
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