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wandb sweep




Initialize a hyperparameter sweep. Search for hyperparameters that optimizes a cost function of a machine learning model by testing various combinations.


-p, --projectThe name of the project where W&B runs created from the sweep are sent to. If the project is not specified, the run is sent to a project labeled Uncategorized.
-e, --entityThe username or team name where you want to send W&B runs created by the sweep to. Ensure that the entity you specify already exists. If you don't specify an entity, the run will be sent to your default entity, which is usually your username.
--controllerRun local controller
--verboseDisplay verbose output
--nameThe name of the sweep. The sweep ID is used if no name is specified.
--programSet sweep program
--updateUpdate pending sweep
--stopFinish a sweep to stop running new runs and let currently running runs finish.
--cancelCancel a sweep to kill all running runs and stop running new runs.
--pausePause a sweep to temporarily stop running new runs.
--resumeResume a sweep to continue running new runs.
--prior_runID of an existing run to add to this sweep
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