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Wandb is a library to help track machine learning experiments.

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The most commonly used functions/objects are:

  • wandb.init — initialize a new run at the top of your training script

  • wandb.config — track hyperparameters

  • wandb.log — log metrics over time within your training loop

  • — save files in association with your run, like model weights

  • wandb.restore — restore the state of your code when you ran a given run

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class Api: Used for querying the wandb server.

class Artifact

class File: File is a class associated with a file saved by wandb.

class Files: Files is an iterable collection of File objects.

class Project: A project is a namespace for runs

class Projects: An iterable collection of Project objects.

class Run: A single run associated with an entity and project.

class Runs: An iterable collection of runs associated with a project and optional filter.

class Sweep: A set of runs associated with a sweep