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Start one or more sweep agents.

sweep_id: str,
function: Optional[Callable] = None,
entity: Optional[str] = None,
project: Optional[str] = None,
count: Optional[int] = None
) -> None

The sweep agent uses the sweep_id to know which sweep it is a part of, what function to execute, and (optionally) how many agents to run.

sweep_idThe unique identifier for a sweep. A sweep ID is generated by W&B CLI or Python SDK.
functionA function to call instead of the "program" specified in the sweep config.
entityThe username or team name where you want to send W&B runs created by the sweep to. Ensure that the entity you specify already exists. If you don't specify an entity, the run will be sent to your default entity, which is usually your username.
projectThe name of the project where W&B runs created from the sweep are sent to. If the project is not specified, the run is sent to a project labeled "Uncategorized".
countThe number of sweep config trials to try.
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