Import & Export API

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Use the Public API to export or update data that you have saved to W&B.

Before using this API, you'll want to log data from your script — check the Quickstart for more details.

Use Cases for the Public API

  • Export Data: Pull down a dataframe for custom analysis in a Jupyter Notebook. Once you have explored the data, you can sync your findings by creating a new analysis run and logging results, for example: wandb.init(job_type="analysis")

  • Update Existing Runs: You can update the data logged in association with a W&B run. For example, you might want to update the config of a set of runs to include additional information, like the architecture or a hyperparameter that wasn't originally logged.

See the Generated Reference Docs for details on available functions.


class Api: Used for querying the wandb server.

class Artifact: A wandb Artifact.

class File: File is a class associated with a file saved by wandb.

class Files: An iterable collection of File objects.

class Project: A project is a namespace for runs.

class Projects: An iterable collection of Project objects.

class Run: A single run associated with an entity and project.

class Runs: An iterable collection of runs associated with a project and optional filter.

class Sweep: A set of runs associated with a sweep.