Import & Export API

Use the Public API to export or update data that you have saved to W&B.
Before using this API, you'll want to log data from your script — check the Quickstart for more details.
You might use the Public API to
  • update metadata or metrics for an experiment after it has been completed,
  • pull down your results as a dataframe for post-hoc analysis in a Jupyter notebook, or
  • check your saved model artifacts for those tagged as ready-to-deploy.
For more on using the Public API, check out our guide.


class Api: Used for querying the wandb server.
class Artifact: A wandb Artifact.
class File: File is a class associated with a file saved by wandb.
class Files: An iterable collection of File objects.
class Project: A project is a namespace for runs.
class Projects: An iterable collection of Project objects.
class Run: A single run associated with an entity and project.
class Runs: An iterable collection of runs associated with a project and optional filter.
class Sweep: A set of runs associated with a sweep.