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Sync one or more files to W&B.

glob_str: Optional[Union[str, os.PathLike]] = None,
base_path: Optional[Union[str, os.PathLike]] = None,
policy: "PolicyName" = "live"
) -> Union[bool, List[str]]

Relative paths are relative to the current working directory.

A Unix glob, such as "myfiles/*", is expanded at the time save is called regardless of the policy. In particular, new files are not picked up automatically.

A base_path may be provided to control the directory structure of uploaded files. It should be a prefix of glob_str, and the directory structure beneath it is preserved. It's best understood through examples:"these/are/myfiles/*")
# => Saves files in a "these/are/myfiles/" folder in the run."these/are/myfiles/*", base_path="these")
# => Saves files in an "are/myfiles/" folder in the run."/User/username/Documents/run123/*.txt")
# => Saves files in a "run123/" folder in the run. See note below."/User/username/Documents/run123/*.txt", base_path="/User")
# => Saves files in a "username/Documents/run123/" folder in the run."files/*/saveme.txt")
# => Saves each "saveme.txt" file in an appropriate subdirectory
# of "files/".

Note: when given an absolute path or glob and no base_path, one directory level is preserved as in the example above.

glob_strA relative or absolute path or Unix glob.
base_pathA path to use to infer a directory structure; see examples.
policyOne of live, now, or end. live: upload the file as it changes, overwriting the previous version now: upload the file once now * end: upload file when the run ends
Paths to the symlinks created for the matched files. For historical reasons, this may return a boolean in legacy code.
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