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W&B Server

Deploy W&B in a resource isolated environment managed by W&B or by yourself. W&B Server is shipped as a packaged Docker image that can be deployed easily into any underlying infrastructure. There are several ways to install and host the W&B Server in different environments.


Production-grade features for W&B Server are available for enterprise-tier only.

See the Basic Setup guide to set up a developer or trial environment.

With W&B Server you can configure and leverage features such as:

The following sections of the documentation describes different options on how to install W&B Server, the shared responsibility model, step-by-step installation and configuration guides.


W&B recommends the following when configuring W&B Server:

  1. Run the W&B Server Docker container with an external storage and an external MySQL database in order to preserve the state outside of a container. This protects the data from being accidentally deleted if the container dies or crashes.
  2. Leverage Kubernetes to run the W&B Server Docker image and expose the wandb service.
  3. Set up and manage a scale-able file system if you plan on using W&B Server for production-related work.

System Requirementsโ€‹

W&B Server requires a machine with at least

  • 4 cores of CPU &
  • 8GB of memory (RAM)

Your W&B data will be saved on a persistent volume or external database, ensuring that it is preserved across different versions of the container.


For enterprise customers, W&B offers extensive technical support and frequent installation updates for privately hosted instances.


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