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W&B Server Hosting Options

There are three ways to deploy W&B Server:

  • W&B managed Dedicated Cloud: A fully managed solution hosted and maintained by W&B on W&B Cloud
  • Customer managed OnPrem Private Cloud: A self managed solution hosted and maintained by customer on their Private Cloud
  • Customer managed OnPrem Bare Metal: A self managed solution hosted and maintained by customer on their Bare Metal infrastructure

Shared Responsibility Matrixโ€‹

The following shared responsibility matrix outlines the respective responsibilities of W&B and the customer for each of the hosting options specified above.

Obtain your licenseโ€‹

You need a W&B license to complete your configuration of a W&B server. Open the Deploy Manager to generate a free license.


If you do not already have a cloud W&B account then you will need to create one to generate your free license.

The URL will redirect you to a Get a License for W&B Local form. Provide the following information:

  1. Choose a deployment type from the Choose Platform step.
  2. Select the owner of the license or add a new organization in the Basic Information step.
  3. Provide a name for the instance in the Name of Instance field and optionally provide a description in the Description field in the Get a License step.
  4. Select the Generate License Key button.

A page with an overview of your deployment along with licenses associated to the instance will be displayed.

For information on how to set up your deployment type, see our How-to guides section.

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