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W&B managed hosting

SaaS Cloudโ€‹

Our most popular deployment option. A Multi-Tenant SaaS offering that allows you access to a fast, secure version of W&B with all of the latest features.


We recommend that you consider using the cloud before privately hosting a W&B server on your infrastructure. The cloud is simple and secure, with no configuration required. Click here to learn more.

Dedicated Cloudโ€‹

Dedicated Cloud is a fully managed solution offered by W&B for organizations with sensitive use cases and stringent enterprise security controls. In Dedicated Cloud, W&B server is hosted in a dedicated virtual private network on W&B's single-tenant AWS, GCP or Azure infrastructure in your choice of cloud region. Customers have the option to use our Secure Storage Connector to connect your data to a scalable data store hosted on your company's private cloud.

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