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Update W&B License and Version

Update your W&B Server Version and License with the same method you installed W&B Server with. The following table lists how to update your license and version based on different deployment methods:

Release TypeDescription
TerraformW&B supports three public Terraform modules for cloud deployment: AWS, GCP, and Azure.
HelmYou can use the Helm Chart to install W&B into an existing Kubernetes cluster.
DockerDocker latest docker image can found in the W&B Docker Registry.

Update with Terraform

Update your license and version with Terraform. The proceeding table lists W&B managed Terraform modules based cloud platform.

Cloud providerTerraform module
AWSAWS Terraform module
GCPGCP Terraform module
AzureAzure Terraform module
  1. First, navigate to the W&B maintained Terraform module for your appropriate cloud provider. See the preceding table to find the appropriate Terraform module based on your cloud provider.

  2. Within your Terraform configuration, update wandb_version and license in your Terraform wandb_app module configuration:

    module "wandb_app" {
    source = "wandb/wandb/<cloud-specific-module>"
    version = "new_version"
    license = "new_license_key" # Your new license key
    wandb_version = "new_wandb_version" # Desired W&B version
  3. Apply the Terraform configuration with terraform plan and terraform apply.

    terraform init
    terraform apply
  4. (Optional) If you use a terraform.tfvars or other .tfvars file:

    1. Update or create a terraform.tfvars file with the new W&B version and license key.
    2. Apply the configuration. In your Terraform workspace directory execute:
    terraform plan -var-file="terraform.tfvars"
    terraform apply -var-file="terraform.tfvars"

Update with Helm

Update W&B with spec

  1. Specify a new version by modifying the image.tag and/or license values in your Helm chart *.yaml configuration file:

    license: 'new_license'
    repository: wandb/local
    tag: 'new_version'
  2. Execute the Helm upgrade with the following command:

    helm repo update
    helm upgrade --namespace=wandb --create-namespace \
    --install wandb wandb/wandb --version ${chart_version} \
    -f ${wandb_install_spec.yaml}

Update license and version directly

  1. Set the new license key and image tag as environment variables:

    export LICENSE='new_license'
    export TAG='new_version'
  2. Upgrade your Helm release with the command below, merging the new values with the existing configuration:

    helm repo update
    helm upgrade --namespace=wandb --create-namespace \
    --install wandb wandb/wandb --version ${chart_version} \
    --reuse-values --set license=$LICENSE --set image.tag=$TAG

For more details, see the upgrade guide in the public repository.

Update with Docker container

  1. Choose a new version from the W&B Docker Registry.

  2. Pull the new Docker image version with:

    docker pull wandb/local:<new_version>
  3. Update your Docker container to run the new image version, ensuring you follow best practices for container deployment and management.

Update with admin UI

This method is only works for updating licenses that are not set with an environment variable in the W&B server container, typically in self-hosted Docker installations.

  1. Obtain a new license from the W&B Deployment Page, ensuring it matches the correct organization and deployment ID for the deployment you are looking to upgrade.
  2. Access the W&B Admin UI at <host-url>/system-settings.
  3. Navigate to the license management section.
  4. Enter the new license key and save your changes.
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