Special features and examples of how to integrate W&B with other popular tools
Weights & Biases integrations make it fast and easy to set up experiment tracking and data versioning inside existing projects. If you're using a popular ML framework (ex. PyTorch), repository (ex. Hugging Face), or service (ex. SageMaker), check out the integrations below!
  • โ€‹Examples: GitHub repo with working, end-to-end code examples for all of our integrations
  • โ€‹Colabs: Try out W&B inside different frameworks, such as PyTorch Lightning, in an interactive notebook -- no installation required
  • โ€‹Video Tutorials: Learn to use W&B with YouTube videos for PyTorch, Keras, and more.

Guides for Specific Integrations

Popular ML Frameworks
Popular Repositories
Popular Tools
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Guides for Specific Integrations