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Azure OpenAI Fine-Tuning


Fine-tuning GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models on Microsoft Azure using W&B allows for detailed tracking and analysis of model performance. This guide extends the concepts from the OpenAI Fine-Tuning guide with specific steps and features for Azure OpenAI.


The Weights and Biases fine-tuning integration works with openai >= 1.0. Please install the latest version of openai by doing pip install -U openai.


Sync Azure OpenAI fine-tuning results in W&B in 2 lines

from openai import AzureOpenAI

# Connect to Azure OpenAI
client = AzureOpenAI(

# Create and validate your training and validation datasets in JSONL format,
# upload them via the client,
# and start a fine-tuning job.

from wandb.integration.openai.fine_tuning import WandbLogger

# Sync your fine-tuning results with W&B!
fine_tune_job_id=job_id, openai_client=client, project="your_project_name"

Check out interactive examples

Visualization and versioning in W&B

  • Utilize W&B for versioning and visualizing training and validation data as Tables.
  • The datasets and model metadata are versioned as W&B Artifacts, allowing for efficient tracking and version control.

Retrieving the fine-tuned model

  • The fine-tuned model ID is retrievable from Azure OpenAI and is logged as a part of model metadata in W&B.

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