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W&B integrates with Databricks by customizing the W&B Jupyter notebook experience in the Databricks environment.

Databricks Configuration

Install wandb in the cluster

Navigate to your cluster configuration, choose your cluster, click on Libraries, then on Install New, Choose PyPI and add the package wandb.


In order to authenticate your W&B account you can add a databricks secret which your notebooks can query.

# install databricks cli
pip install databricks-cli

# Generate a token from databricks UI
databricks configure --token

# Create a scope with one of the two commands (depending if you have security features enabled on databricks):
# with security add-on
databricks secrets create-scope --scope wandb
# without security add-on
databricks secrets create-scope --scope wandb --initial-manage-principal users

# Add your api_key from:
databricks secrets put --scope wandb --key api_key



import os
import wandb

api_key = dbutils.secrets.get("wandb", "api_key")

wandb.log({"foo": 1})


Setup required (temporary) for notebooks attempting to use wandb.sweep() or wandb.agent():

import os

# These will not be necessary in the future
os.environ["WANDB_ENTITY"] = "my-entity"
os.environ["WANDB_PROJECT"] = "my-project-that-exists"
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