SageMaker Integration

W&B integrates with Amazon SageMaker, automatically reading hyperparameters, grouping distributed runs, and resuming runs from checkpoints.


W&B looks for a file named secrets.env relative to the training script and loads them into the environment when wandb.init() is called. You can generate a secrets.env file by calling wandb.sagemaker_auth(path="source_dir") in the script you use to launch your experiments. Be sure to add this file to your .gitignore!

Existing Estimators

If you're using one of SageMakers preconfigured estimators you need to add a requirements.txt to your source directory that includes wandb
If you're using an estimator that's running Python 2, you'll need to install psutil directly from a wheel before installing wandb:
A complete example is available on GitHub and you can read more on our blog. You can also read the tutorial on deploying a sentiment analyzer using SageMaker and W&B.
The W&B sweep agent will not behave as expected in a SageMaker job unless our SageMaker integration is disabled. You can disable the SageMaker integration in your runs by modifying your invocation of wandb.init as follows:
wandb.init(..., settings=wandb.Settings(sagemaker_disable=True))