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Prodigy is an annotation tool for creating training and evaluation data for machine learning models, error analysis, data inspection & cleaning. W&B Tables allow you to log, visualize, analyze, and share datasets (and more!) inside W&B.

The W&B integration with Prodigy adds simple and easy-to-use functionality to upload your Prodigy-annotated dataset directly to W&B for use with Tables.

Run a few lines of code, like these:

import wandb
from wandb.integration.prodigy import upload_dataset

with wandb.init(project="prodigy"):

and get visual, interactive, shareable tables like this one:


Use wandb.integration.prodigy.upload_dataset to upload your annotated prodigy dataset directly from the local Prodigy database to W&B in our Table format. For more information on Prodigy, including installation & setup, please refer to the Prodigy documentation.

W&B will automatically try to convert images and named entity fields to wandb.Image and wandb.Htmlrespectively. Extra columns may be added to the resulting table to include these visualizations.

Read through a detailed exampleโ€‹

Explore the Visualizing Prodigy Datasets Using W&B Tables for example visualizations generated with W&B Prodigy integration.

Also using spaCy?โ€‹

W&B also has an integration with spaCy, see the docs here.

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