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Collaborative Reports

Use W&B Reports to organize Runs, embed and automate visualizations, describe your findings, and share updates with collaborators. Easily export your report as a LaTeX zip file or convert the file to PDF.

The following image shows a section of a report created from metrics that were logged to W&B over the course of training.

View the report where the above image was taken from here.

How it worksโ€‹

Create a collaborative report with a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to your W&B project workspace in the W&B App.
  2. Click the Create report button in the upper right corner of your workspace.

  1. A modal titled Create Report will appear. Select the charts and panels you want to add to your report. (You can add or remove charts and panels later).
  2. Click Create report.
  3. Edit the report to your desired state.
  4. Click Publish to project.
  5. Click the Share button to share your report with collaborators.

See the Create a report page for more information on how to create reports interactively an programmatically with the W&B Python SDK.

How to get startedโ€‹

Depending on your use case, explore the following resources to get started with W&B Reports:

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