Create a report

Create a Weights & Biases Report within a workspace or from the report tab.
Create a Report interactively with the App UI or programmatically with the wandb Python SDK.
App UI
Report tab
Python SDK (Beta)
Click Create report in the upper right corner of your workspace.
Select the charts you would like to start with. You can add or delete charts later from the report interface.
Select the Filter run sets option to prevent new runs from being added to your report. You can toggle this option on or off. Once you click Create report, a draft report will be available in the report tab to continue working on.

Create a report from the report tab‌

Navigate to the Reports tab in your project and select the Create Report button on the report page. This creates a new blank report. Save a report to get a shareable link, or send charts to the report from different workspaces, and different projects.

Creating Reports programmatically with the API is in Beta and in active development.

Create a report programmatically with the wandb library. After you import the wandb, state wandb.require('report-editing') to enable programatic report editing. This requirement ensures you do not accidentally modify a report.
import wandb
import wandb.apis.reports as wr
# W&B requirement to avoid accidental report modification
Create a report instance with the Report Class Public API (wandb.apis.reports). Specify a name for the project.
report = wr.Report(project='report_standard')
Reports are not uploaded to the Weights & Biases server until you call the .save() method:
For information on how to edit a report interactively with the App UI or programmatically, see Edit a report.