Edit a report
Add, delete, and duplicate panels in a report.

Add charts to a report

Press / to add a panel grid. Then add a panel (line plot, scatter plot, or parallel coordinates chart). Each panel grid has a set of run sets and a set of panels. The run sets at the bottom of the section control what data shows up on the panels in the grid. Create a new panel grid if you want to add charts that pull data from a different set of runs.
Add charts to a report

Duplicate and delete panel grids

If you have a layout that you would like to reuse, you can select a panel grid and copy-paste it to duplicate it in the same report or even paste it into a different report.
Highlight a whole panel grid section by selecting the drag handle in the upper right corner. Click and drag to highlight and select a region in a report such as panel grids, text, and headings.
Select a panel grid and press delete on your keyboard to delete a panel grid.

Collapse headers to organize Reports

Collapse headers in a Report to hide content within a text block. When the report is loaded, only headers that are expanded will show content. Collapsing headers in reports can help organize your content and prevent excessive data loading. The proceeding gif demonstrates the process.