Parallel Coordinates
Compare results across machine learning experiments
Parallel coordinates charts summarize the relationship between large numbers of hyperparameters and model metrics at a glance.
    Axes: Different hyperparameters from wandb.config and metrics from wandb.log.
    Lines: Each line represents a single run. Mouse over a line to see a tooltip with details about the run. All lines that match the current filters will be shown, but if you turn off the eye, lines will be grayed out.
Panel Settings
Configure these features in the panel settings— click the edit button in the upper right corner of the panel.
    Tooltip: On hover, a legend shows up with info on each run
    Titles: Edit the axis titles to be more readable
    Gradient: Customize the gradient to be any color range you like
    Log scale: Each axis can be set to view on a log scale independently
    Flip axis: Switch the axis direction— this is useful when you have both accuracy and loss as columns
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