A playground for exploring run data with interactive visualizations
Your workspace is your personal sandbox to customize charts and explore model results.
    Table: All the runs in your project are listed in the table. Turn on and off runs, change colors, and expand the table to see notes, config, and summary metrics for each run.
    Panels: Panels are organized into sections. Create new panels, organize them, and export to reports to save snapshots of your workspace.
Want to organize charts by default? Add a prefix to metric names to sort charts into sections in the UI. You can also drag and drop charts into sections to reorganize them after logging. For example, this code block will produce the chart sections below:
run = wandb.init()
with run:
for idx in range(100):
run.log({"section-a/metric": idx})
run.log({"section-b/metric": idx*2})
At the bottom of the page is a workspace control bar:
    Workspace: Each user has one workspace. Only you can edit your own workspace.
    Undo/redo: Quickly undo changes you made to your workspace.
    Sharing: Create a report to share results with colleagues. Click Create report in the upper right and select what charts you'd like to save a snapshot of.
      Reports can be static snapshots or dynamic dashboards of your project progress.
      You can create multiple different saved views of your project with reports.
      Reports let you add text annotations, create multiple different panel sections with different visible runs in each, and even share view-only links from inside private projects.
      If you do end up sharing a link to your workspace with a collaborator, they can't overwrite your original layout but they can play with the charts in a temporary view, explore the results, and save over their own workspace if they prefer your layout.
    Default workspace: This is the default layout for any newcomers who land on this project for the first time. This lets you set up a nice landing page for your public project, or help your team members get started.
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